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Become a

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with ACS! Tails are wagging and cats are meowing in excitement over your participation! Volunteers are essential to our lifesaving mission at the sanctuary, and we would not be able to assist nearly half the number of animals who need help in our community.

Getting Started

Volunteer orientation is a required first step for all volunteers. Orientation is scheduled with our volunteer coordinator once you have filled out the application.

Please click the Volunteer Application button above to fill out our volunteer application and sign up for an orientation time.

Why do we need volunteers?

Each year Animal Care Sanctuary helps thousands of animals in need. Volunteers help provide medical attention, food, shelter, and love to every animal in our care.

Volunteers are a vital part of our everyday operations.
They help with:

Doggie Day Trip/Kitty Getaway Programs

Once you become an approved ACS volunteer, you can then also participate in our Doggie Day Trip and Kitty Getaway programs. Both programs allow ACS volunteers to take a dog or cat out for the day and give them some much-needed time out of the shelter.

We hope to see you at orientation!

Volunteer Testimonials

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My son and I recently walked four dogs on the trails at Animal Care Sanctuary. I got some pictures of Elle, she is so sweet. Once Elle got over being shy and timid, she lit up like a 10-month old pup should! For a puppy, she did fantastic on a leash (after she figured out we weren't going to run). In fact when I started to fall behind and Elle realized it, she turned around to make sure I was okay. That's when we took a break so she could lay in the grass as all dogs should! We will be returning on Sundays to walk as many dogs as possible!
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Volunteering at the Animal Care Sanctuary has added a whole new useful dimension to my retirement 'career'. Doing laundry and washing dog dishes is relaxing and rewarding because there is no pressure, and when I drive home in the afternoon I know that the dogs have clean soft beds and blankets, clean soft beds and blankets, clean dog toys and clean water/food dishes...that's my contribution! Plus, it frees the trained professionals for behavior interventions that make the animals more adoptable. Volunteering ROCKS!