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How You Can Help Rescued Animals During COVID 19

The Animal Care Sanctuary is in need of dog & cat food for our pet food pantries, and Purina One for ACS Sanctuary dogs & cats, as well as monetary donations.


At the Animal Care Sanctuary, we care for over 200 animals daily with dedicated caregivers and clinical staff. Our caregivers are the lifeblood of the organization. Compassion and complete understanding of the role they play in our animals lives while they are with us is awe inspiring. Our clinical staff are critically thinking of how they treat and care for our sanctuary animals, many geriatric, particularly cats.


As leadership trims hours and wears multiple hats, we are pleased that our Governor and County Commissioners recognize the importance of the role we play in our community. Are we afraid of the pandemic? You can be certain! Do we all still want to be here to care for our animals, celebrate our fosters and adopters that come and take cats and dogs to their homes? You can be certain!


Animal Care Sanctuary is in the business of SAVING LIVES! And we will continue every day with the help of our foster and adoption parents, our community members still out there trapping cats for spay/neuter and our donors that continue to step up even when times are very confusing and scary. Thank you. Know that we are here everyday and we will be anxious to see you and thank you personally when this is over. In the meantime, share how you are doing. We love seeing your pet pictures!!


If you can, please help us with donating dog and cat food for our pet food pantries to keep pets in their homes, and we could use Purina One for ACS dogs and cats. Monetary donations are also very welcome and needed. If you’d like to see ways to make monetary donations to ACS, see our DONATE page.


Thank you.