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Staci Covey

Board Director

Animal Care Sanctuary -Board Member - Staci Covey

Staci Covey joins the Board of the Animal Care Sanctuary after 39 1/2 years in the Guthrie system as a Registered Nurse and administrator. Staci was the President of both Troy and Towanda hospitals and Senior Vice President for Post Acute Care. She was responsible for the services of Guthrie Home Care for 22 years, Troy Community Hospital for 15 years (including the budgeting, planning and fund raising for the new hospital) and Towanda Memorial hospital for 3 years. 


Staci lives in Athens, PA, with her husband, Steve, and together they raised 3 sons who are now 38, 36, and 30 years of age. 


Staci loves animals and, for the first time in about 21 years, does not have any dogs at home, though she does have 2 stray/feral bob tail cats who have adopted her shed as their home. Staci likes to golf and was responsible for the origination and development of the Golf for Guthrie Hospice event which has raised more than 1/2 million dollars in nearly 18 years. She & her husband (who is also retired) spend January and February in Florida and March visiting family as they travel home. They look forward to further future traveling experiences, Covid permitting, of course.