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Emma Gesiriech

Director of Animal Services

Meet Emma! Emma is passionate and a strong advocate for the animals we care for at Animal Care Sanctuary. Emma started at Animal Care Sanctuary in March of 2022 as a canine caregiver. Caregiving is a role that wears many hats including daily cleaning of enclosures, feeding and administering medications, socializing dogs with other dogs, and providing daily enrichment and basic training. When the Canine Adoptions Counselor Position opened, Emma stepped into the role and coordinated adoptions by pairing adopters with dogs practicing our open adoption policy. In the fall of 2022, Emma stepped into our Assistant Shelter Manager role and currently serves as our Director of Animal Services.


Emma has been in shelter work for 2 years in 2023 and is settling in as her career of choice. She has always had compassion for animals and people in need. Emma shares her home with three cats, Bummy, Phisher, and Cayenne, an American Pitbull named Coco, two gerbils, Gerbo and Stash, and nine goldish. All rescues. While not spending time with her pack at home, Emma and her partner enjoy exploring the outdoors with Coco, chasing waterfalls, camping, and traveling.


Emma says the best part of her job is being a part of an organization that works tirelessly to help a community that has people and animals in need. She loves that her job always offers a different perspective from what she has always “known” and continues to expand her knowledge.