Donate Your Vehicle

Is there an old vehicle in your driveway? Cars, trucks, RVs, or boats can be donated to Animal Care Sanctuary for an easy way to help rescue animals and bring their healing power to people in need. Avoid the hassle of selling your vehicle and receive a tax deduction as well!

All vehicles are accepted, and the towing, paperwork, and documentation for tax purposes are handled for you. It’s easy, free, and a wonderful way to help animals.

The Donation Process

The process of donating your vehicle to ACS is simple: Call ACS at (570) 596-2200 and we will tell you where to bring it or how we can arrange a free pickup.

We Do All the Work

Benefit Homeless Animals

All proceeds from the sale of the donated vehicles go to Animal Care Sanctuary benefiting the animals in our care.

Proceeds will directly benefit homeless dogs, cats and other at-risk domestic animals. Our staff of volunteers work diligent providing life saving intervention for those animals that are most vulnerable.

To donate a vehicle to animal care Sanctuary, please contact Julie Kassak at 570 596-2200 or email