For the Dogs…

Hot dogs!!!! And lots of them!
Pro Plan Select or Sport dry food
Blue Seal Dog Food
Any soft treats
Dog biscuits-small
Canned dog food
Peanut Butter
Any toys!
2 way walkie talkies
Red Barn or other brands of rolled treats
Easy Walk Harnesses
6ft leashes with bolt snap clips
Martingale collars

Cats are Scratching for…

Cases of canned food (pate style)
Purina One dry cat food (Purposeful Nutrition, Chicken and Turkey Flavor) or Blue Seal Adult
Dry food
Cat scratchers
Dish soap
Scotchbrite scrub pads
Scrub brushes
Meat only baby food (no ham)
KMR -Kitten milk replacer
Parakeet food
File crates


Manila file folders
Index card (3x5 white)
Dry erase markers
Packing tape
Scotch tape
Toilet Paper
Ink Cartridges: HP 57 Tricolor

Community Clinic...

Tall kitchen garbage bags
Paper towels
Laundry detergent (any kind)
Canned cat food for surgery and hospitalized patients
Rolled gauze
Kitten Milk replacer
Dish Soap
Batteries- AAA, AA, 9V

Happy Tails - Cats That Have Been Adopted!

Happy Tails - Dogs That Have Been Adopted!