Project Home: Surrender Prevention Program

Animal Care Sanctuary’s goal is to nurture the human-animal bond. At times, this bond may be challenged due to unforeseen circumstances such as the loss of a job, relocating to a new home which may include a landlord that does not allow pets, a death in the family, medical concerns of the animal or owner, or behavioral concerns. Animal Care Sanctuary is committed to keeping you and your furry family member together through Project Home. Project Home strives to keep pets with their families which allows ACS to accept and save more animals.

  • Behavioral concerns
  • If your pet is exhibiting a behavior of concern, call the Behavior Hotline before it becomes a larger problem that cannot be controlled. Some common behavioral concerns include:

    1. Housetraining Difficulties
    2. Property Destruction
    3. Aggression Toward People or other Animals

    Any behavioral issue is frustrating for owners, but may be easily corrected with instruction, routine, and willingness to work with our team to learn how to change the behavior. If you are experiencing any difficulties with your pet, call our Behavior Hotline. Our Behaviorist is ready to help!

    Cats 570-596-2200 Ext. 124
    Dogs 570-596-2200 Ext. 118

    In addition, we offer a variety of canine training classes that will help you learn to communicate with your pet. Check out our classes here.

  • Pet Food Pantry
  • In this economy, many may experience financial uncertainty. Our pet food pantry is open to the public to help without any paperwork or requirements. We have been fortunate to have generous donors and donor groups that have kept us supplied with cat and dog food and cat litter.

    Contact us to check on food availability at 570-596-2200 or 570-724-3687.

  • Housing or landlord concerns
  • It is often difficult to rent a property with a pet. If a landlord specifies that pets are not allowed, here are some things you can do:

    1. Take the Canine Good Citizens Class (CGC). The CGC Program is designed to reward dogs who have good manners at home and in the community. The Canine Good Citizen Program is a two-part program that stresses responsible pet ownership for owners and basic good manners for dogs.

    2. Develop a Pet Resume. We are also able to meet with the pets and their owners to develop a Pet Resume for the owner to present to the landlord. The owner would list ACS as a reference and ACS would take the initiative to talk to the landlord regarding the pet and responsible pet owners.

    3. Additional Security Deposit. If an additional security deposit is required to allow pets in a rental property, Animal Care Sanctuary may pay the security deposit with the agreement that it is returned to us in six months if the property has no damage resulting from the pet.

    Contact us for assistance 570-596-2200.

    Check back in the future to see our list of pet friendly rentals in our area!

  • Pet or People Health Concerns
  • On occasion, people may consider surrendering their pet because they are unable to provide necessary veterinary care. Whether it be obtaining the state required vaccinations, spaying or neutering, or dealing with a more serious condition ACS may be able to assist with veterinary care. Animal Care Sanctuary offers low cost veterinary services to the community for spay/neuter, vaccinations, and wellness services.

    If the financial need exceeds our low pricing, with the generosity of the public, we offer our Pay It Forward Program . This program is funded through public donation in which the donor specifies toward which services he would like to donate. For example, donations can be allotted for one female cat spay and rabies vaccination, or medication for a Lyme positive dog.

    Many times the pet is about to be surrendered due to a human medical condition. We have had success working with the owner to keep the pet while we find a new home or temporarily boarding the pet until the pet can be returned home. In addition, if the animal has a behavioral problem such as pulling hard on the leash for an older person we can keep the dog here and train them on proper walking before returning the dog home.

  • Animal Re-Homing
  • Life can take surprising and difficult turns for all of us. Loss of a job, having to move, allergies, divorce, and even death sometimes result in a wonderful pet needing a new home. For those families or individuals with no other options than to re-home their pet, Animal Care Sanctuary offers two options.

  • Cross Posting and Pet Marketing
  • In an effort to keep pets out of the shelter environment, we can cross-post your animal who is seeking a new family on our webpage and social media forums. We would require photos and a pet biography. To discuss cross-posting options contact our adoption offices at

    570-596-2200 Ext. 113 or 570-724-3687

  • Animal Surrender
  • As a last resort, you may need to surrender your animal to our shelter. Animal Care Sanctuary is a no-kill shelter which means we are a limited intake facility. We cannot take every animal that is in need.

    1. PLEASE BE CERTAIN THAT YOUR DECISION TO TURN YOUR PET IN TO THE SHELTER IS YOUR LAST RESORT AND FINAL DECISION. As soon as you realize you are in a situation in which you must surrender your animal, contact us so your pet can be added to our waiting list.

    If you reach the voicemail, please leave the following information: your name and phone number; your pet's name, breed, age and relevant medical or behavioral information; and the general reason for seeking a new home for your pet.

    2. A representative will contact you for more information and will inform you in regard to the waiting period.

    3. When we have the available space and/or resources we will contact you to bring your pet in for an evaluation. This appointment does not guarantee admission.

    4. Please bring your pet's veterinary records, medication, and any other information about him. Cats are especially stressed when placed in new situations, so if possible, please bring a familiar bed or blanket. All dogs must be leashed, and all cats must be in carriers. We prefer that puppies and kittens be at least 8 weeks old at the time of surrender.

    5. Please fill out a pet-profile sheet for your pet with as much detail as possible and bring it to the shelter with your pet. This information will be very helpful to us. If you do not bring the form with you, you will be asked to fill it out at the shelter.

    6. You will be asked to sign our Surrender Agreement which relinquishes your rights to the pet so we can find a new home. We will also ask you important questions about your pet's behavior and the reason you are relinquishing him.

    7. Caring for animals is an expensive task so we ask that you pay a nominal surrender fee to help offset some of the costs.

    Unaltered Dogs: $65
    Altered Dogs: $50
    Adult Cats $25
    Kittens $15

    East Smithfield Surrender Line: Cats 570-596-2200 Ext.126 Dogs: 570-596-2200 Ext. 125

    Wellsboro Surrender Line: 570-724-3687

    PLEASE NOTE: We are a limited intake shelter and cannot take all animals in need. We are unable to accept walk-ins as we have an extensive waiting list.