Art Internship

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Animal Care Sanctuary is offering a unique and exciting experience in a no-kill animal shelter gravitating towards the arts!! This internship provides opportunities to develop your creative skills in art variety of areas involved in promoting and advertising shelter animals and is ideal for art students with majors in graphic design and photography who are looking to expand their skill set and gain invaluable experience in using their designs and passion to make a difference. Interns will be given the opportunity to experience a non-profit, no-kill shelter housing over 300 cats, 50 dogs, horses, and even a few pigs! This internship also offers a unique experience where they will spend the duration of their stay living with a shelter animal with which they will provide an alternative form of sheltering in a home like environment and provide creative exposure for the promotion of this companion animal.

Intern Responsibilities include:

1. Interns will work with existing staff and management to provide daily exposure through the use of various forms of art including graphic design and photography and to develop strategic plans to help the organization continue promoting its mission and purpose. Interns will also:

• Aide in visual promotion of events, animals, specific departmental needs

• Organize and develop a strong social media outlet through Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc.

• Develop a strong relationship with the community through events and local papers and advertising agents for the promotion of Animal Care Sanctuary

2. Interns will have the opportunity to join a committee of their choice, where they will work with existing staff to assist the facility in promotion and development. Available committees include:

• Woof Stock- music festival
• Special fundraising events-car wash etc.
• Paws for the Cause
• And more!

3. Interns will have the opportunity to assist the facility with regular fundraising efforts and events to raise money to fund our non-profit facility. Past events have included motorcycle rides and wine-tasting events, but interns are expected to bring new ideas to the table.

4. Interns will be required to reside with a dog that needs more socialization and that will prosper in a stress free environment. They will be required to provide special advertisement for their dog to promote its adoption. They will also provide documentation and meet weekly with the site behaviorist.

Requirements also include:

• Candidates must be pursuing or have recently received a degree in graphic design, art education, and or fine art.

• Teamwork and communication skills are essential to success in this program.

• Ability to follow oral and written instructions.

• Ability to lift up to 50 pounds and perform physical duties such as bending, stooping, and kneeling.

• Ability to work on your feet for several hours at a time.

• Knowledge of and/or experience with operant and classical conditioning preferred.

• Must possess a personal vehicle and valid driver’s license.

This internship is 40 hrs/week, and interns may be required to work weekends as assigned. Housing is provided on-site.

Internship duration:
12 week Spring Program-February through April Application Deadline: January 1st

12 week Summer Program- May through August Application Deadline: March 1st Summer Session 2015 Closed

12 week Fall Program- September through November Application Deadline: July 1st

12 week Winter Program-December through February Application Deadline: November 1st

4 week internships available throughout the year Application Deadline: Revolving