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Life Givers make monthly gifts to ACS. They provide resources for day to day operations and unforseen events, such as rescuing animals facing certain death in high kill shelters, or from hoarders, puppy mills or natural disasters, or providing necessary medical care to animals in acute need. One donation each month can make a world of difference to homeless pets in the course of a year.

If you wish to donate by mail, please send your check to
Animal Care Sanctuary, PO Box A, East Smithfield, PA 18817. For questions, please call (570) 596-2200.

Make a One-time Donation

Support ACS. Be a Lifesaver.

Your donation makes a vital difference in the lives of homeless animals and people in need.

For nearly 50 years, Animal Care Sanctuary has been a no kill shelter. It has saved the lives of thousands of animals and enriched the lives of the people who adopted them in PA and throughout the country. Your generosity makes our work possible.